The definition:

  • Ummah Wellbeing Services in the UK was established on the 1st of March 2012 after it had been identified that the Somali community in the UK needed its own burial service.
  • Ummah Wellbeing Services used to operate in the West Midlands only, but now we serve the whole UK.

Article (1) Name & Address of the organisation:

  • Name of the organisation: Ummah Wellbeing Services
  • Address: 12 Whitmore Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0NP

Article (2) Power of the Organisation:

  • The power of the organisation is limited on burial services and all related arrangement. Under no circumstance the organisation allows any activities that oppose our Islamic value.

Article (3) Membership:

Who can become a member of Ummah?

1. Members must be of Somali origin.

2. Your spouse must be Somali.

3. A family consisting of a father, mother and their children who have the same address, living off the same income.

4. A person with an independent income who lives with their parents.

5. A childless couple.

6. A single person over the age of 18.

To become a full member you must meet the following conditions:

1. Provide an ID (ID can be a passport or driving licence).

2. Proof of address for the last three months (proof of address can be a utility bill, council tax bill or child benefit letter).

3. Return the completed forms to our office and pay the membership fee.

Those who cannot become a full member of Ummah Wellbeing Services:

1. An ill person who is bedridden cannot become a member until his condition improves.

2. Someone who is not living in the UK cannot become a member of Ummah Wellbeing Services.


A person can keep their membership status even if they leave the country as long as they continue paying the required fee.

You must read the Constitution of Ummah before applying to become a member.

If you fill in the membership form online, you’ll become a full member 45 days after you pay the fee.

Article (4) Membership for children:

1. A child in education (school, college or university) is part of their parent’s Ummah membership.

2. If a child is neither in education nor employed, their parents are expected to pay an annual fee of £20.

3. Children who live with their parents and are employed will pay £30 annually.

4. Children who have a separate address from their parents will pay £30 annually.

Article (5) Membership fee:

1) The membership fee for a family is £50 per year.

2) The membership fee for a single person is £30 per year.

3) The money of Ummah Wellbeing Services cannot be used to be pay for the burial expenses of someone who is not a member.

4) The annual membership contribution fee is non-refundable even if the member withdraws.

5) The membership fee is a contribution towards the day-to-day expenses of the organisation.

6) The membership fee is not considered insurance money.

7) If a person passes away and the accounts of Ummah Wellbeing Services are empty, the committee will collect money from the Ummah members to cover the expenses.

8) When someone passes away, the expenses of his/her burial services will be sent directly to the bank of the organisation that conducts the burial services. If they don’t have a bank account, then any other form of money transfer will be used.

Article (6) Losing your membership status:

A person will lose their membership if:

1) He/Her choses to leave voluntarily

2) They fail to pay the membership fee

3) They give false information when completing the forms

4) They fail to bring back completed forms with the membership fee within 15 days

5) They fail to respond after he/she is contacted either by letter or by recorded message.

If the membership of a person is close to expiry, he/she will be reminded to pay the fee four weeks prior to the expiry date and then they’ll be given a 15 day window after the expiry date. If the person still fails to pay after that, they will lose their membership.

Article (7) Required paperwork for a deceased person

The family of the deceased must bring

1. A death certificate

2) The passport of the deceased

3) Proof of address which shows that the person was living there for the last three months.

4) if the deceased was in a full or part time education we would require proof of this

If the deceased is a child the proofs needed are:

1) Child benefit

2) Child Tax credit

3) School information

If the above mentioned documents are not produced, Ummah Wellbeing Service will not pay for the expenses

If the family of the deceased gets benefit, they must claim the

1) bereavement benefit from the local authority and pay back to the organisation to cover the expenses of the burial of the deceased.

2) If an unborn baby dies in the womb, Ummah will pay for the burial expenses if the parent was a member for at least three months.

3) The burial expenses for a person who dies anywhere in the UK will be the same for a person who dies in Birmingham.

4) If a person dies outside the UK, Ummah will not pay for the travel expenses needed to get the body back to the UK.

5) If someone passes away in Africa, Europe, America or Australia, Ummah Wellbeing Services will pay for the expenses at the place of death, but the deceased person must have been member for at least six months.

6) If a member dies inside or outside the UK, Ummah Wellbeing Service will pay for:

  • The grave
  • The car and the coffin
  • The shroud and the washing of the body

Any other expenses will not be paid for by Ummah