Taking Part in Funerals

As a norm, the Islamic faith and the general conscience of man seek to value people and therefore give them a befitting sendoff whenever they depart to the next world. As Ummah, we participate in the burial proceedings and the overall event of a member’s death. The act is per our mission of alleviating poverty and suffering globally. The trust takes part in the sendoff in several ways, like assisting the deceased family emotionally and materialistically.As Ummah, we offer contributions in monetary form and also in the form of other accessories that will lead to a smooth transition for the family generally. As members and friends in the Ummah society, we form a committee that will oversee the funeral proceedings and which will make the necessary arrangements for the sendoff. Part of the group’s function is to pool together the donations of members and no members of the trust. The committee also encourages others to contribute towards the cost of a member’s burial in any way they can manage.