Hospital Visits

One key challenge to human life is maintaining optimal health, which is very sensitive as people frequently fall short of it. Due to the problems that people face daily, they are prone to several diseases that pose a threat to their well-being. Lack of food, and mental stress are some key factors that lead to poor health. In light of that, Ummah tries to provide viable solutions to these victims with their families, giving them hope for a better future. Ummah Welfare trust, we arrange regular checkups for members in the hospital as we arrange visits and provide them with spiritual encouragement. During the visits, we provide them with the holy books and a prayer mat to help them in their spiritual journey. Moreover, we purchase for them any necessary equipment and accessories from outside. As Ummah Welfare Trust, we also believe in the benefits of happiness and positive moods and arrange various entertainment packages for the victims. For instance, we provide them with some videotapes and lectures which, despite being entertaining, also add some knowledge.