Home Visits For the Elderly

As Ummah Welfare Trust, we acknowledge the importance and significance of the older generation to the society. Therefore, we try to treat them with the dignity and affection they deserve. As an organization, we try to set the foundation for generations to come, and the older adults being primary to our vision, need to be treated accordingly. Families often view the older group as a nuisance and take them to the homes for the older adults to get rid of what they view as a burden. The act of neglecting older men and women in homes for the aged directly influences their health both physically and mentally.Per this, we arrange regular visits to older adults at their original homes or homes for the elderly and offer any support we can manage. For instance, we assist them in cleaning their houses, shopping on their behalf and encouraging them when necessary. To make the visits more genuine and strengthen the bond, we arrange member visits that will match their age and interest. For example, if the older man or woman is religious, we take some familiar church members of their age bracket with us. On the other hand, the aged also seek some form of entertainment time, and we provide them with a range of fun activities like chess and take them outdoors for short tours or shopping.